Logic of Connections

“Logic of Connections” is a series of seven interactive postcards displaying basic electronic circuits consisting of LED lights, switches and the seven types of logic gates. It is a convergence of rudimentary electronics and neo-brutalist graphic design, exploring the raw aesthetics of technology.

Each postcard explores a different logic gate and is wired out to draw parallels between the dual nature of electronics and the fluidity of human connections, where the binaries are oftentime restrictive and obsolete.

The project arises from the need to really master one fraction of what we have learnt in the course, before expanding to the multiple possibilities of physical computing. It is also an attempt to build on my existing knowledge instead of neglecting it.

Conceptually, the project seeks to explore in a playful yet hopefully smart way the nature of human behaviours, the world of relationships and the clichés of love by bringing in elements from the popular culture, making the art piece more relatable and approachable.


![Detail image](./images/(23).jpg)
![Detail image](./images/(28).jpg)

Kind of Logic Gates

![Detail image](./images/logicgates.png)