1. Interesting artwork

Hiiii~ The artwork I want to introduce is “YettiBebbis: Puppet In A Cult” Detail image


This artwork is an interactive game in which players use their fingers to control a puppet. Players should use two hands: one to control the puppet’s direction using a wooden cross and the other to control the puppet’s limbs to pose. The objective is to make the controlled puppet assume the same position as others in a cult event. If you cannot mimic the actions of others, you will lose.

Why I choose this?

The main reason I chose this game is that I’ve had similar ideas in the past, and I think they were executed very well. This game is more than just a game, it has dark and deep meanings. After looking into the creators of this game, I found out that they are all Chinese, and I believe that I may have a better understanding of what they were trying to say. A puppet is not just a puppet, it represents yourself in a society where all behavior is controlled by others, including your thoughts. You need to listen to every “demand” of your leaders just like everyone else. You can’t have your own realization, and if you don’t conform, you’re “lost.” To me, this vividly reflects the profound idea that people’s free thought is controlled and limited.

2. Come up with a concept

The sensor I explored was the distance sensor. I chose this sensor because I already had an idea for art based on it, so I decided to use this course to realize my idea.

Below is a sketch of my idea for an artwork called “Build and Destroy”. People always like to build and to destroy, it seems to be human nature. Therefore, I wanted to create an interactive video to express this.

Detail image

3. Complete the MyCourses introductions for the 3D Printing and Laser Cutter workshops

Plastics & Laser H001: Detail image

3D print: Detail image

I finished it! yeah!!!!🎉