By Lù / 璐


Combining the audio-reactive visuals with Stablediffusion, this project imagines the common analogy between week-by-week human fetal development and the dimension of various fruits. With every kick in the music, the fetus grows to the next stage. from week 3 to week 40, the fetus transforms from “a poppyseed” to almost “a pumpkin.”

Originally, I planned to create a VJ tool for voguing and the ballroom scene. Yet, I came across this corpus related to pregnancy on GitHub. Although the dataset is categorised under “science,” the entries contain the count of weeks, the name of a fruit, size, and weight.

After research, I found out that this corpus actually compares the growth of a foetus to a type of fruit by weeks. From week 3 to week 40, the foetus grows from a poppy seed to almost a pumpkin. Feeling both intrigued and thrilled, I decided to combine the idea of vogueing video jockey with the “fruity” analogy of fetal development.

Resources and References