My Final Project

Here is the documentation of my final project :D

Experiment goals

  1. Interaction - to feedback through motion (no screen)
  2. Sensors - to understand more about Temperature and Humidity Sensor | AHT20 or Magnetometer | TLV493D
  3. Material - to include something soft, such as muscle wire, fabric, or paper

Project idea

A kinetic sculpture that mimics mentruation cycles with a set of cups, a teaspoon, a plate, and a tampon: Sketch of the final project idea

Research (for mechanism and visual representation)

1. Menstrual Cycle Data

Kaggle: https://www.kaggle.com/datasets/nikitabisht/menstrual-cycle-data Original: https://epublications.marquette.edu/data_nfp/7/ In a simplified way, the column for “LengthofCycle” can be used as a timer to control the installation movement cycle. In addition, this dataset contains in total 80 columns. Other data including “MeanBleedingIntensity”, “UnusualBleeding”, or “PhasesBleeding” can be used for future iterations of this project.

2. The Etymology of “Menstruation”

Link to: https://www.rutuchakra.org/post/the-etymology-of-menstruation

3. Wikipedia “Menstrual Cycle”

Link to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_cycle

4. 3D

Servo horn: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2988570

5. Parsing JSON in Arduino



Frame dimension (approximately): 62 x 42.5 x 56

Other ideas

Idea #A – Shower Karaoke

A karaoke box constructed with shower room facilities, here is a rough sketch of the setup: Sketch of Idea 01


  1. When the audience picks up the shower head (microphone), the curtain will slide to “close” the karaoke box;
  2. There will be a temperature & humidity sensor on the shower head;
  3. Changes in lighting and/or motion elements will reflect two aspects of the singing: a. the audio input; b. the breathing/humidity/temperature on the microphone;

Some difficulties:

  1. Haven’t found shower heads from recycling center yet
  2. The construction of shower room structure (will take some time if I can’t find any existing ones by the beginning of Week 05)

Bookmarks of existing projects with similar ideas

Bookmarks of some resources


Idea #B – Fluxkit: First-aid to boredom

If more than one person wants to join, and we all feel super energetic and inspired, it can be fun to make a collective fluxkit project. The Fluxkit will appear like a wall-mounted first-aid kit but in different colours: “First-aid to Boredom.” The interaction of some items can utilise the affordances of common first-aid products.