/imagine "scan of a medieval manuscript featuring a game controller made from folding fans"

Week 02 assignment consists of three parts:

  1. Find an interesting existing Alt+Ctrl Interface
  2. Come up with a concept for your own Alt+Ctrl Interface
  3. Complete the MyCourses introductions for the 3D Printing and Laser Cutter workshops

1. Find an interesting existing Alt+Ctrl Interface

Project: Call the Forest (Haloo, kuuleeko metsä?) by Kati Hyyppä

Link: https://shakethatbutton.com/call-the-forest/

Though Call the Forest is not a typical “game,” the repurposing of found objects in this project is inspiring for alternative control interface design in multiple levels.

To start with, it skilfully utilises the found objects’ affordance in interaction. The rotary dials invite audience to pull the wheel with a finger, select a number, and wait for the response. Such a mechanism is either intuitive or at least nostalgically intriguing.

As for the aesthetic, the forest scenery is constituted of sound, light, and movement happening between and within these gadgets. The fungal web made of optic fibres and the cable “bugs” caught my attention with a sense of humour, not to mention the classical Nokia tune.

Moreover, the project execution meaningfully reflects on the usage of found objects. It repurposed military communication devices into organisms in a peaceful electronic forest. And thus, it provoked a deeper thinking about the lifecycle of gadgets. The construction of the installation considered the repairing, dissembling, and further repurposing of the installation parts.

Other interesting projects (bookmarks)


Alternative instrument



2. Come up with a concept for your own Alt+Ctrl Interface

Sensor: Accelerator - MSA301

Existing game: Seagull Tropics (https://ricenoodles.itch.io/seagull-tropics)

The existing machanism of the game is shown as below: Screenshot of Seagull Tropics mechanism

  • movement of mouse –> the steering,
  • left click –> diving,
  • right click –> pooping

To use accelerator as an alternative control, I held the sensor in my palm and observed the plot and value changes as I moved the hand. Here are some screenshots:

  1. Hold the sensor still Screenshot of holding the sensor still

  2. Abruptly wave hand (rapid acceleration change) Screenshot of waving hand abruptly

  3. Flip palm towards right (x-value ~ -9.8) Screenshot of flipping hand towards right

  4. Flip palm towards left (x-value ~ 9.8) Screenshot of flipping hand towards left]

  5. Point fingers downwards and palm backwards (z-value ~ 0) Screenshot of waving hand abruptly

The game might be controled by gestures as follows:

  1. Palm left to right tilting to control the steering
  2. Abruptly wave to poop
  3. Point fingers dowards and palm backwards to dive and catch fish