Find an interesting existing Alt+Ctrl Interface


The introduction of it:Octopad

The Octopad is an alternative interface for the Nintendo Entertainment System that transforms classic titles like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Tetris (or Yo! Noid, Gremlins 2, and Hatris) into cooperative puzzles and multiplayer parties for 4 to 8 people!


Using 8 controllers, individuals are linked together as a unified team, tasked with collaboratively navigating through the game. They are not competitors, critics, or mere spectators; they are co-workers in a tightly-knit alliance. The most delightful aspect is that when people play games with The Octopad , they must engage in communication and stay close, transforming it into an excellent game for family gatherings or friends parties. Detail image Detail image Detail image

Come up with a concept for your own Alt+Ctrl Interface

My Alt+Ctrl Interface takes inspiration from the Tilt Game.

It features a board with holes, barriers, and a ball situated on the board. To succeed, players must skillfully tilt the board to guide the ball towards its destination while skillfully avoiding the pitfalls. Detail image

Typically, this game is played with hands, but my innovation aims to limit the use of hands and instead empower players to explore alternative methods of controlling the board. I’ll accomplish this by integrating an Accelerometer Sensor, which translates head movements into corresponding board tilts. So, when players tilt their heads, the board will follow suit in the same direction, adding a unique and immersive dimension to the experience. Detail image Detail image