Where to Get Stuff? – Materials and Fabrication Services

Where to Find Stuff?

Materials (Shops in Finland)
  • Muovia – https://muovia.fi/
    • Acrylic and other plastic sheets cut to size
    • More expensive than buying in bulk, but you can buy small amounts
    • in Oulu, but ships to everywhere in Finland
  • Vink – https://www.vink.fi/
    • Acrylic and other materials in sheets
    • You usually have to buy a large amount
    • In Vantaa
  • Lamtekno – http://www.lamtekno.fi 
    • Materials for laser cutting, printing, engraving etc.
    • Also sells machines (laser cutters, vinyl cutters, printers, small CNC machines)
    • In Helsinki
  • Etra – http://www.etra.fi/
    • All things plastic and rubber
    • Also tools, parts, tubes and other parts for industrial use
    • Many stores around Finland
  • Etola – https://www.etola.net/info
    • Part of the same company as Etra, but more just consumer products.
    • The most interesting thing for us there is foam
    • Many stores around Finland
  • Silcom – http://silcom.fi/
    • Smooth-on silicone and other materials for molding and casting
  • Hobby Point – https://www.hobbypoint.fi/
    • A craft supply store in Kamppi, Helsinki. They have lots of materials that you can buy in small quantities.
Materials (Europe)
  • Modulor – https://www.modulor.de
    • A great selection of all kinds of materials.
    • Reasonable shipping costs to Finland
    • They also cut materials down to size
    • In Berlin, Germany. They also have an actual shop, if you happen to visit Berlin.
  • Kaupo – https://www.kaupo.de/shop/
    • Materials for molding and casting
    • In Germany, but they ship to Finland

DIY Digital Fabrication Outside the Väre Workshops

Services (laser cutting, water jet cutting, CNC, 3D printing)

We have great workshops in Aalto, but it’s not always the best idea to try to make everything yourself. There are lots of companies that can manufacture the parts you have designed.

  • Laser Cut Studio – http://www.lasercutstudio.com/
    • They do laser cutting on a variety of materials
    • They also have UV printer, so they can print graphics and photos directly on the materials. There is a separate page http://plywoodprint.com/ for the printing, but it’s the same company
    • in Helsinki
  • Heinolan vesileikkauspalvelu – http://vesileikkauspalvelu.fi/
    • Specifically for cutting plywood on a water jut cutter (no burn marks)
    • The website doesn’t really show anything, but I (Matti) have had great experience with them. They work quickly, use really good quality plywood, and their prices are really fair. Send them an email.
    • in Heinola
  • Formulor – https://www.formulor.de/
    • Laser cutting and engraving. They have a nice online tool for sending your designs and calculating the prices.
  • Ponoko – https://www.ponoko.com/
    • Laser cutting, engraving, CNC
    • In the USA, so shipping will be expensive, but useful to know they exist