More About Conditionals (if, if-else, else if)

Comparison Operators

When setting up your conditions for if statements, you need to compare values in different ways. These are the different comparison operators that we are going to need:

  • Equal: == (note the two equal signs, don’t mix with assigning values!)
  • Not equal: !=
  • Less than: <
  • Less than or equal to: <=
  • Greater than: >
  • Greater than or equal to: >=

Logical Operators

  • && (AND)
  • || (OR)
  • ! (NOT)

More Information About Different Operators

Mouse & Keyboard

Using Images

  • loadImage() – how to load an image
  • image() – how to display an image
  • preload() – loading the image or other files before setup()
  • get() – get the color of a specific pixel