PFVA: Final Project & Project Proposal Guidelines

Guidelines for the Final Project

Create an artwork using code.

  • Some possible ways to approach this, if you are feeling uninspired:
    • Generative artwork (on screen or printed out)
    • Sound visualization (live audio input or to connected to a specific sound file)
    • Interactive artwork (if you have some experience in using sensors, we can look into connecting them to p5.js)
  • Remember “Poems not Demos”
  • Think also beyond the screen of your computer, how is the work exhibited? Large-scale projection? On a website? 2D or 3D print?
  • Also this is just a 2 credit course so keep that in mind regarding the scale of the project

Project Proposal

Please send me a 1-2 page pdf that explains what you are planning to do as a final project for the course.

  • A short description of your idea and concept
  • Description of the interaction, if it is interactive
  • Reflect a bit on how you are going to create and structure the code:
    • Possible problems or things you do not know how to do.
    • Possible solutions to these problems that you have found
    • You can even do a small sketch of how it is going to work as a list or as a flowchart.
  • 1–3 references (existing artworks, references relating to your concept, code samples, external libraries etc.)
  • Sketches or images, if you have some (not necessary)
  • Deadline: 25/03/2019 before the class. Submit your pdf to MyCourses

Submit the Code of Your Final Project

Follow the instructions on MyCourses

  1. Upload your code to OpenProcessing, add it to the Final Project Collection there and also add the link to your sketch here in MyCourses.
  2. If you want to use the p5.js Web editor, provide the link to your sketch here.
  3. Upload a .zip of all of your project files here (for example, if you used Processing)