DA1: Assignments and the Final Project


All of the small assignments need to be posted on our OpenProcessing page. These assignments were also posted on the individual pages of each session, but I have provided them here for your convenience. You do not need to take the dead fish / dumb fish / fish with behaviour literally. It is there just as a reference point to the things discussed on the first day.

Assignment #1 (Deadline: February 20th, before the class)

Shapes & Colors (Dead Fish)

Experiment with the various shapes and drawing possibilities and try to create some sort of illustration using only these basics shapes. The reference will be very helpful, especially the 2D Primitives and Color sections. You can draw anything you want (self portrait, some kind of character or animal, something more abstract).

Assignment #2 (Deadline: February 26th, before the class)

Randomness (Dumb Fish)

Use the random() function and the 2D shapes to draw some interesting patterns. Try using the random on different things: size, position, color etc.

Assignment #3 (Deadline: March 13th, before the class)

Interactivity (Fish with Behaviour)

Use what you have learned during the course to create a sketch with some kind of interactivity using the mouse or keyboard. This can be a simple GUI, generative artwork, very simple game etc.

Final Project

You will need to complete a final project and present it on the last day of the course. Use what you have learned and try to come up up with a project that is relevant to your interests and useful for your personal work.


  • Create an artwork/creative tool/instrument/interactive installation/game using either Processing or P5.js
  • Remember “poems not demos”
  • Keep it simple. Remember that this is only a 2 credit course.
  • If you can, upload the code to our OpenProcessing course page.
  • If you don’t want to upload your code to OpenProcessing, please send it to me via email, download link, letter, treasure map leading to a hidden hard drive in the forest, or some other way that is convenient for you.