DA1:005 – More About For Loops, How to Use Libraries (Video, Sound etc.)


Iteration & Loops: for, while

Today we covered more details about using the for loops.

I wrote a separate page that covers the while and for loops. Please check it out.


Using Libraries

The possibilities of Processing can be extended using additional libraries. You can install many libraries through the contribution manager in Processing.

Sketch –> Import Library… –> Add Library… 


The Video library from the Processing foundation is used for playing video files. There are other video libraries also and in some cases you might want to use them instead of this basic library.

The library is divided into two parts:

  • Capture – For using a video camera connected to the computer
  • Movie – For playing video files


The Sound library from the Processing Foundation is used for audio input and output from Processing. You can do following things with the library:

  • Play audio files
  • Synthesise audio (fairly simple things)
  • Use a microphone as an input
  • Analyse sound
  • Apply effects and simple processing to sounds

Examples made during class

Audio Analysis