PFA:012 – Final Project

Guidelines for the Final Project

  • Use what you have learned to create a project that explores programming as a creative medium.
  • Your project could be an interactive installation, game, experimental instrument, generative artwork etc.
  • Use whatever tools you like. Processing is the suggested one, but you are also allowed to use some other programming languages. I might just not be able to help you, if you decide to use something more exotic.
  • Remember “Poems, not demos”

Project Proposal

Send me a project proposal as a pdf file:

  • A simple description of what you want to do.
  • What tools are you going to use (Processing, special libraries, something else?)
  • Include 1-3 examples of works other people have made that are similar.
  • Length: 1 A4 (or can be more if you have drawings or sketches).
  • The deadline for this is Thursday, October 10th, 23:00
  • Submit your pdf to MyCourses