EI: Artists, Projects & Examples

Blast from the Past

Put That There

Erkki Kurenniemi – DIMI Ballet

Jeff Han – The Radical Promise of the Multi-Touch Interface

Projects From Previous Years

Jenna Ahonen & Hyoeun Park – Gestural Compositions

Lorenzo Marchesi, Yachan Yuan & Yuvin Ha –Shadow Zoo

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Shadow Zoo Lorenzo Marchesi @das_lollo Yachan Yuan @yachan_yuan Yuvin Ha @ha.yuvin Take a look at one of the projects created during the Embodied Interaction course in February, 2019. The course is taught by our Lecturer Matti Niinimäki @mnstri and John Lee @culee73 was the teacher’s assistant. ———————————— “Shadow Zoo” is an interactive installation where people can play with their hand movements, generate virtual creatures with hand shadows and enjoy watching the interactions among these “creatures” on the screen. Viewers are allowed to record their gestures with a tool in front of the projection, by pressing a pedal with their feet. Once the recording is finished, the application, developed with Processing, handles the video file to extract the hand shadows and creates a video-embedded object. Every object has its own behavior and it can interact with other objects in the virtual world. #interactiveart #newmediaart #newmedia #newmediaartists #aaltoarts #aaltomedialab

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Martin Abfalter & Yen Do – Light and Shadow

Antton Nuotio & Jenna Karas – Always Watching

Caleb Rugg, Roee Cohen and Kilian Kottmeier – Glove Interface

Maya Pillai & Liam Turner – Digital Collage Maker

Move or Die

(Narim Lee, Sanna Reponen, Laura Uusitalo, Joonas Pernilä, Chen Ling)

Fernando Visockis – Ramshackle Dystonia

VIctor Pardinho & Mathjis Provoost – Neanderthalensis

Aalto Research Projects