EI 003 | Embodied Interaction & Proxemics



Some Tools


It looks like a lot of homework, but the things below are homework for the entire rest of the class. Not necessarily for next week.

Final Project

If you haven’t yet, start thinking about what kind of project you want to be working on as your final project. We will have a discussion about the ideas next Friday. Prepare at least the following:

  • Are you going to take part in the livestream or are you going to create something that is more of an installation?
  • Are you working alone or in a group? Do the group members already have some specific roles?
  • What do you want to do? Why do you want to do it? How do you think it could be done? Where do you need most help?

Video Lecture About Embodied Interaction

I’m recording a video about the theory side of things, it should appear today or tomorrow.

Tutorials about the Kinect and other depth cameras

I’m a bit behind in recording tutorials but they should appear soon. Meanwhile, download the files and try to understand how they work on your own. We will continue with these next week.

Kinect Azure and Blob Tracking

These examples show you how to work with the Kinect Azure and blob tracking. This way of doing tracking on the image does not rely on the Kinect’s skeleton tracking algorithms and the same results could be achieved with other depth cameras, or even color or infrared cameras as long as you are able to control the lighting of your environment.

Download the TouchDesigner file.

Kinect Blob Tracking and Particles: Results

Here is another version of the examples above.

Download the TouchDesigner file