EFA:Chiptune Sound FX Machine with the 40106 & 4040

In this project we are going to make a little 8-bit sound effects machine (and by 8-bit sounds I mean that we are making something that sounds like it would come from an old NES, not exactly 8-bit sounds).

Schematics & Instructions

Step by Step


The first part is just a power switch. Nothing really special about it. We just add it so our circuit is ON when the button is pressed down. Make sure that you distribute the power on your breadboard to all the power rails.

#2 Oscillators with the 40106

This is just two oscillators connected with a diode (and an additional 1k resistor that is missing from the schematic on the poster). We have already built this earlier. See the detailed 40106 documentation.

I also built the same circuit on the Falstadt simulator, so you can see what is happening in the circuit (keep in mind that the simulator is not always 100% accurate). This is what we have so far. Click the image to go to the interactive simulation.